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The Oilfield Solutions laboratory is designed as a product development facility, which primarily verifies the design of manufactured chemical products.

Reaction kettles are used fitted with condensers and other apparatus to simulate the reaction vessels used in the plant.

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Design is verified by measurements associated with each particular product. For most products, the specific gravity and/or density is measured in a pound per gallon cup. The appearance, clarity, color, etc. is noted and the pH measured in water or alcohol and water mixtures are specified. For other products, Brookfield viscosity and/or microwave non-volatiles are measured. Amine value or acid number is measured with a Metrohm automatic titrator.

After a bill of materials for a particular product is verified, the plant engineer then writes a manufacturing procedure noting the safety concerns associated with the product and especially the special handling required for any of the raw materials. Once the product has been manufactured, it is the responsibility of the operator to perform the quality test listed in the instructions as the target specification followed by the other items that are required on the certificate of analysis.

Reactions currently being carried out include:

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